fighting through

Published on 29 July 2023 at 11:52

Things are a bit tough at the moment, really struggling with the hug mainly around the left side of my ribs. It's been feeling like something is crushing me inside, also noticed lot's of pains in my left leg. Now let me talk how I'm not giving in!... as hard as things seem currently, I look at things as positively as I can, yes it hurts, yes I feel rough and yes MS is giving me a hard time, but, I'm working on ramping things up with the social media and pushing myself to find an outlet for things. Writing poetry is so much fun and helps me to get thoughts out of my head, also the podcast lets me have a release. Creating video's for YouTube by playing games is a lot of fun (even if some comments are just not nice, I just remove them). Listening to music and even having a sing along is very calming. Accepting that I need to rest sometimes has also helped, feel a lot better when I've had some rest. I know it's been said before but 'I have MS, MS doesn't have me!!'. Acceptance is becoming key, learning what my new limitations are and working around them.

new day a new fight and I don't back down from a fight.

have a great few days

speak soon


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