quite excited

Published on 31 July 2023 at 20:52

Can't wait until tomorrow, heading out to my favourite seaside. It's a long journey, but, fingers crossed very worthwhile. Not just going to have a fun day out, this COULD be a life changing visit (In a good way). Honestly excited is a massive understatement haha.

It's been hard the last few days with trying to have energy for things. Hate getting up so late in the day, 11am at best time I've been getting out of bed, waking up isn't a problem, it's the having the drive, the energy to actually get up get showered and sorted. Defiantly been a tough time of late, but, as I've said time and time again I will not back down and not matter what the challenges are I'm hitting them head on.

Well just wanted to post up and get this out about how excited tomorrow has got me... like a kid at Christmas haha.

I'll do my best to keep updating through the day.

Speak soon


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