what a day!

Published on 1 August 2023 at 23:31

WOW, what a day. This has turned out to be a very long and busy day, I'd hoped to be able to do a couple of blogs during the day, but, it has just been kinda rushed. It took  3 hours to get the seaside, I got to look at my favourite roller-coaster from a distance, but didn't get time to have a ride, some chips for lunch and then off to our appointment. That went quite well and has given some food for thought but, also, now another line of thought has opened. So another trip down might have to happen, train this time though as the 6 hour car ride isn't happening again anytime soon haha. Lovely walk along the sea front and then to the shopping centre, have to say the FES machine really helped massively but I did use the wheelchair lots. I did have a sleep on both the way down and back again ( wasn't me driving, I don't drive.) still incredibly tired now though, can't wait for a night snoring my little head off... hang on, nooooo, I don't snore hahaha. Well I've never heard it so that must be the case lol.

Did take a nice picture outside the pleasure beach where the roller-coaster is which I've added to my picture gallery on here. 

speak soon


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