today I think I've messed up

Published on 2 August 2023 at 22:43

I try and post as much positive stuff as I can but, today I did something really silly and now, I'm suffering. So, we have some works being done on our road starting tomorrow, the information we've been given to explain it all by the council was very poor, it didn't really explain things at all. This afternoon we had the workers come and start to put the cones out and signs up. I thought I'd be really smart and go and chat with them to find out the information, I grabbed a stick and headed out, I then tried to get the FES machine to work haha. At this point it was very clear I'd put the wrong trainers on so the FES couldn't work, now then... realising I couldn't use the FES I should have turned around and gone home (was no more than 20 feet from home!). Nope, trying to be a hero I carried on walking down the road, foot dragging like mad, pain all down my back and legs. Not surprisingly never caught up with the workers then had to turn around and head home. Since then the pain has been absolutely awful, not just pains to be fair, I have just felt terrible and moving around at home has been very tough. Long day tomorrow thankfully mostly sat down in the car, but, when I'm out and about the wheelchair will defiantly be needed. Advice to myself... DONT TRY AND BE A HERO! remember my new limitations and work with them, not push so far past that you do damage.

Hopefully a good sleep will help.

Speak soon



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