a big decision made

Published on 17 August 2023 at 23:02

Yesterday I made a big decision. I'd mentioned that when the stream for MS was on that I would look to take streaming games a bit more seriously. Well yesterday a screen and capture card were purchased, they arrived today and I also bought a new chair for when I'm recording and streaming... while I'm talking about the chair... found a really nice comfy office chair in a local shop for £259, really liked it and went to buy it, the member of staff explained that they had issues with the shops ordering system and they couldn't promise when it would arrive, so I thanked them and left without the chair. Dad said about looking online for it, I did, WHAT A RESULT!. Same chair online £205, no delivery charge. Buzzing, such a good saving. Did my first proper stream today, really enjoyed it, had a few people drop in and watch. This is all part of me fighting back against MS, just because going out to work is no longer an option, it doesn't mean I sit and do nothing, the streaming stuff could, maybe one day start to bring in some money to help me provide for the family. Time will tell on that, but, no way I'm putting myself on the scrap heap just yet haha.

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