day before treatment

Published on 11 September 2023 at 21:08

Well tomorrow is hospital day, definitely feel like my body is ready for the help.

Let's talk about what I've done today to try and get myself ready for tomorrow... Firstly I had a meeting this morning, that went very well and I left feeling very positive (that word again haha), after that I felt like the right move was to try and relax a bit. I was already out on the scooter, so, the thing that helps the most is to have a ride along the river. Really enjoyed it, music on and enjoy the calm. Stayed out for about an hour just taking it all in, when I got home it was then shopping time (yep, again lol), managed to grab the bits for tomorrow. After shopping it was time to relax with Lisa and the kids, had a good chat at dinner and then I came out to the studio to have a little play on the Xbox and listen to some more music (haha guess what helps me relax). Feeling very, very relaxed and ready now. 

The Ocrevus treatment itself is an infusion and that can take a bit of time, so snacks, drinks and entertainment are highly advised. I've got

2 bottles of lemon and lime water

1 summer fruits water

Jaffa cakes, Melon slices, sweets and I'll be taking the laptop so I can try and do some blogging as the day goes along.

This is my first full bag, my last treatment was split into 2 as it was my first one, so I'm kinda new to this myself.

Well it's almost time for bed now,  gotta be up at 6am ready to leave for 7 and start at 8.

Speak soon friends



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