treatment is going on, right now

Published on 12 September 2023 at 10:48

Hi all, I've been in the hospital since around 8:30 due to traffic issues. the antihistamine has been done and now I'm currently having the Ocrevus infusion, sounding like it could be around 6 hours all in. had my melon pot for breakfast it was really nice.

when I arrived had the pleasure of meeting someone that was in for another MS medication, really great chat thoroughly enjoyed it.

all in all at this point it seems to be going well, hoping this stays this way. 

Update: as soon as I'd written that last post, a rash and itching started haha. nothing serious, cleared up quite fast, just had to slow the drip down a bit. think soon the Jaffa cakes may come out to play lol.

Update: since slowing the drip everything has been fine, now speed gone back up again. very long day this, but if it helps then I'm all for it.

update: well that's Ocrevus done now on to the flush, got that last drip in now and all being well I'll be all done in an hour. apart from that really small reaction this really has gone perfectly well. started the actual treatment around 08:45 and looking like 15:00 finish time. very long time sat in one place, but, that's something I'll get use to for sure, very lucky the nurse and others in the room have been great. I may have had a little nap haha.

all being well I'll post up again tonight to give an update on how things are going/feeling.

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