been home a couple of hours

Published on 12 September 2023 at 18:52

So, after that long 6 hours in the hospital. I'm home and relaxing. Need to give a big thank you to the Nurse today, absolutely brilliant, very reassuring and friendly.

In the last couple of hours since being home I've had a little nap and also noticed that I'm feeling very exhausted as well as feeling a bit rough. Not really sure what's what but just very out of sorts, it's currently 18:45 and I'm getting into bed just to rest, but, if I drop off then that's fine as well.

As advised I've taken an Antihistamine just to try and help ward off any possible side effects, All in all I'm very pleased with how the treatment went, now just a waiting game to see if it has the desired effect of slowing down the progression. 

Speak soon.


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