how I'm doing after yesterday

Published on 13 September 2023 at 15:36

So, after the treatment yesterday I did get an early night, couldn't have stayed awake if I'd tried haha. Woke up around 08:30 this morning, feeling quite rough but trying to push through, when I say rough not really too sure what I mean by that... it just seems to be a bit of an odd feeling. I did nip out this morning to try and get some air in my lungs to try and help, it did help a bit, new pair of jeans and a top later lol, also grabbed a yoga mat for when I'm trying to exercise ready for the skydive. 

Talking of that, my next focus is the charity walk this Saturday and then it's doing what I can to ensure I'm under weight ready for the jump. 15stone is the limit and I'm currently sat at 14stone 10oz. Really can't wait to get to this and raise some money for charity again, makes me feel good to be able to try and help, also, kinda good to have things to aim for.

Started to feel very tired again in the last hour but, trying hard to fight through that and carry on, sat in the studio currently, about to record some gaming video's and if time allows I'll try and do a video for social media.

Speak soon.


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