fatigue hit hard

Published on 1 October 2023 at 18:32

Hi, Everyone.

So today I cleared out the ''studio'', really created some space for me to work. Well that was fun... lot's of spiders and found things I didn't remember we'd put in there, that small amount of work has really caused an issue.

While clearing it out I was talking to Lisa, at one point I felt so exhausted even speaking was hard, literally couldn't get any words out at all. I've had issues with speech before, but never like that, on top of that I have been very wobbly on my legs and really struggled to get my balance.

The issues have also caused a fall today, first one in a while. Thankfully when falling it was onto the sofa so no injuries, when sitting and watching the Ryder Cup I may have had a little nap, thankfully, did see the lifting on the trophy.

It has been quite tough to be honest, even sat now typing this out is a struggle, but, really doing what I can to push through, got work to do with some live streaming on Twitch, do enjoy that sort of thing.

Well let's see how it goes, really don't want to give in at this point although probably should haha 😒😂.

#IvegotMSMShasntgotme is how I'm feeling right now.

Speak soon


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