cough and cold stopped by unannounced

Published on 6 October 2023 at 22:55

The last few days have been quite tough, got hit hard with a cough and cold, not felt that rough in a very long time.

On the first day just kinda felt like something wasn't right, over the next few days, that very quickly turned in to such a heavy cold and nasty cough, the normal cold symptoms were bad but the cough was terrible, even to the point of my chest being wheezy.

I did try my best to just carry on to be fair, but, a few times I had to give in and have a nap. Have to say as much as it's good to try and fight through, sometimes it is better to take the rest when it is needed.

Had a few days off the gym while recovering but, went back today and loved it, even managed my new longest time on the sit-down cross trainer, 25 minuets and also a bit more than usual on upper body work.

Really do feel good after putting in that effort, also got weighed as well and that's going well.

Started my course in digital marketing on Tuesday, really impressed by it so far, very in-depth which is great, got very high hopes for it that's for sure.

Not long now until the sky-dive, so, seriously excited  it's unreal. Really want to do this and raise some money that can be used, to  help in the fight against MS.

This coming week I should be able to reveal something very exciting that I've been working on, watch this space and keep and eye on my socials. Very proud of this thing.

Speak soon 


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