sometimes you just have to vent!

Published on 8 October 2023 at 20:15

Let's jump straight in!... As I'd mentioned a while back I had noticed that things weren't right and felt like I needed some help. Well I took a massive step and asked for some support with my mental health, honestly this was such a big thing for me to admit. It had been something I knew was needed but, talking completely honestly, I was scared to admit!. The support had been going on for a few weeks, until... while I was ill last week, yep, I missed 1 call.

That 1 missed call was enough for them to now take me off the list and tell me that if I still need help go back to the doctors and get back on the waiting list!, WTF!!. 

They didn't even give me chance to heal and call them to explain, nope, just cut me off. Now I fully except that many, many people are waiting, but come on, that is just ridicules. They are aware of what I've got going on, the stress I'm under and that I am struggling and also that the treatment I'm on along side MS itself, being unwell will make things tough. I couldn't answer the phone, did notice after it had rang, went to the toilet and then forgot to call, I'm so sorry my brain fog was causing a problem, seems like that wouldn't have mattered anyway, the missed call was enough from the email they sent.

Really unhappy, yes I still feel like help is needed, but, it is what it is.

Ah well, rant over.

Just feel like things could have been handled in a more caring manner, that's all.

speak soon, sorry for the rant, friends.


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