proud of the last couple of days

Published on 12 October 2023 at 21:00

Over the last couple of days 2 very important things have happened to me.

Firstly my local newspaper have ran a story about the skydive, which, I was so proud about. It was a good piece and I'm hoping it can help with raising some donations for this incredible charity.

Secondly and to me, most importantly, something that I've had to keep quiet until now. MS News Today, have allowed me to be a guest columnist, blogging for them up until the skydive which will include the day of the jump and a video. Really can't explain how grateful this has made me, genuinely feels a bit surreal having seen the first blog on their website, got a bit emotional when it went live.

Let me explain why I'm doing what I'm doing with regards to this website, podcast and social media... AWARENESS!!, its something that really means a lot to me personally, wanting people that don't know about MS to find a way to gain some knowledge about it, by seeing how I handle my fight, and the biggest thing for me is to connect with fellow MSers.

Having been online for a year I feel as though I've seen some incredible togetherness, yes we have an evil, chronic condition, but the level of support between our MS family, is just inspiring. It really doesn't seem to matter how bad someone feels they always have a friendly ear to offload to, and that is beautiful to be a part of. 

Personally, it feels special to be able to try and raise money for any MS charity, if that is being used to help fight this condition then it's all good with me. If I need to come out of my comfort zone to do something to battle this thing then it's absolutely ON!.

Like I've said, proud is an understatement, grateful doesn't fully cover it either, really don't have the words to describe it to be fair. I'm not a professional writer, no training in anything like media so seeing things like the blog with MS News Today is just a whole different level of WOW.

Well, have a good few days, friends.

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