think I may have a new issue

Published on 17 October 2023 at 21:36

Hi, Everyone.

I think I may have developed a new issue!... So, over the last couple of weeks on the odd occasion when talking a little issue raised it's head, that seems to have gotten a bit more regular this week. When talking, at times, it has been feeling like my tongue isn't there!.

Could be in the middle of a conversation and my speech will just stop no matter how hard I try nothing will come out, it doesn't last very long but it's enough to be upsetting, I was talking to Lisa in the kitchen the other day when it happened and because the kids where in the room I tried very hard to hide it, really didn't want them to see or notice.

On a lighter note, the digital marketing course is going well, really putting my all in to it, it would be good to add a new skill.

The gym is really feeling good, like it is helping both physically and mentally, up to 25 minuets on the seated cross trainer and able to hit 1 min on a plank.

The sky dive is getting closer... I CAN'T WAIT!! really, this needs to hurry up, incredibly excited.

The JustGiving is still available, if you would like to donate the link is on the MS fund raising section. Please only donate if you want to and are able to do so.

Speak soon



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