getting seriously excited and donation target hit.

Published on 26 October 2023 at 21:09

Only a few days to go...

Well, we're in the countdown to the jump, couple of days and I get to jump out of a plane to support the #MSSociety. 

Even at this point nervous have not kicked in at all it's just pure excitement, been working so hard in the gym and with other bits in the build up to it. I keep asking myself why this? why do something so big, something just a few weeks ago I'd have never dreamed of doing and the answer is always very simple, TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST MS!. This evil condition takes so much away, if I'm able to do anything to stick 2 fingers up to it, then count me in.


The money raised...

The money will go into fighting MS, hopefully even though it's only a small amount in the grand scheme can help to battle the condition.

I'd set myself a target that really I thought would be very tough to hit, but, just now THAT TARGET WAS REACHED 😁😊🎉🎉 £500.


SO GRATEFUL for every donation, thank you all so much.


Bring on Sunday.


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